Saturday, 15 December 2018

I'm struggling and why that is always okay

So, hi I think! This is a bit weird isn't it.
I haven't written a blog post in about 3 months so being back is very strange.

A month ago I was dumped over text, no explaination, after a 3 year relationship. This has really rocked my world as I could imagine and these past few weeks I have been learning and slowly but surely getting back up. I am making this post as I imagine there are others out there going through this deep pain and thinking that it will never get better.
I am finding this very hard and it is very new to me as you could imagine. When this first occured, I felt the need to squash this pain and trying to make myself okay overnight.

Whilst were here I am just going to add that I am sorry if this post is all over the place but I am trying to get a million feelings out into words that I am trying to make sense in my head. I have spent this 4 weeks trying to get up and I have learnt to realise that in order for this pain to get better I need to let my body and my mind come to terms with this first. I know it will get better and it has a lot even if I do have those down moments.

Getting dumped over text is hard because you have a million reasons running through your head as to why this didn't work and as to why you wasn't good enough. You're good enough and I know how hard this is to see when you're feeling this deep pain but YOU ARE, I promise. Loving yourself and being there for yourself during this is so important and having your own back is crucial. I need you to know that it will get better and to give yourself time and love yourself endlessly.

So 4 weeks later and I am struggling and that is okay. I have more good moments than bad but when the bad comes I don't squash it and I let myself breathe and feel. But I know this is getting better.

I am sending so much love to each and every person reading this. Whatever you're going through it will get better, I am not just saying that. Love yourself and let yourself feel.

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Love Always,

Kim G

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

New perfumes to try this October

Hi Guys! I hope you're having a fab day! So for day 2 of Blogtober I have decided to onto the Boots website and have a look at all the new perfumes that have been released recently and compile a post of all the ones that look amazing and that are on my new wishlist! Hope you like the post and I am returning comments as always! 

That's it for today's post! I hope you have enjoyed it! I have tried a few samples of these perfumes and I love them! Hope you have an amazing rest of the day and hopefully see you tomorrow! Love always, 

Kim G

Monday, 1 October 2018

Travel Beauty Essentials!

Hey guys!!! I have had a little break and I wanted to announce that this month I will be taking part in Blogtober! If you didn't know this is when you upload a new post every day in October or in my case every weekday! I will be doing a different style of posts for each week, hope you stick around! 

October 1 - 5 - Beauty
October 8 - 12 Lifestyle
October 15 - 19  Fashion 
October 22 - 31 Halloween

So for the first post, I decided to write all about the perfect travel essentials for either a short Autumn weekend away, an end of summer holiday or in my case A TRIP TO DISNEYLAND PARIS! That's right for the 11th - 15th I will be in Disneyland! So so excited! This morning I made a large order on Superdrug for all of the beauty essentials I would need including lots of travel size bits! I hope you're excited and find this helpful. The links to all products mentioned will be below each image!

Thankyou so much for reading my first Blogtober post! Each post will be uploaded at 6pm each day so do stick around! Previews will be uploaded on my social media each day so go and follow those if you would like to be kept updated! 

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Love always, 
Kim G

Monday, 24 September 2018

October Bullet Journal Inspiration!

Hello everyone! It's officially a week till the new month begins and it starts on a Monday which is very satisfying to me haha! For today's post, I decided to hop onto Pinterest and have a look at some cover pages for October bullet journals give you guys some inspiration! Hope you like this post and I plan to post them each month a week before to give you guys the time to incorporate these ideas into your own monthly spreads! These images aren't my own and full credit goes to the original creators and links are under each image!

Hope you have enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration! Even if you don't have a bullet journal I hope this got you excited for Autumn! Love always, 

Kim G

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Boots Medicine Cupboard Essentials for Autumn!

Happy Autumn everyone! Hope you have had a lovely week! I am currently writing this whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing 2018 and I am loving it! Let me know your predictions of who is going to win this year! So as we're finally into Autumn I decided to make a post all about the medicine cupboard essentials from Boots that you need this Autumn to battle any common illness!


Thankyou for reading! I have stocked my cupboard up with all of these essentials now the cold weather is among us! I have had a cold this week and they have really helped me get through it. I hope you have a lovely day and that this list has helped you decide what you need this Autumn! Love Always, 

Kim G